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CARMAQUA is a platform for sustainability, health and products of the highest value, providing considerable added value for consumers. It places on the market products of outstanding quality in permanent collaboration with its clients. One of these products is Mehrner Quelle”, the water with a unique calcium-magnesium-sulphate-hydro-carbonate mineralization formula, which has been bottled in Austria by the family-owned “Mehrner Quelle” company for decades.

Mineralization of Mehrner Quelle

Mehrner Quelle has a unique calcium-magnesium-sulphate-hydro-carbonate mineralization formula. Its natural ingredients make this spring water an ideal drink for any health-conscious or sports person, for any vegetarian or vegan; simply put: water for anyone who wants to do much good for their health.

CALCIUM (338.80 mg/l)

strengthens your bones and teeth, stabilizes your heartbeat and improves your muscular power.

MAGNESIUM (55.60 mg/l)

controls blood coagulation, strengthens your cardiovascular system and stabilizes your heartbeat.

SULPHATE (802.20 mg/l)

stimulates the flow of bile, supports intestinal cleaning and detoxication of your liver.

HYDRO-CARBONATE (318.50 mg/l)

has a balancing effect on your acid-base balance by counteracting acidosis of your body, and, in addition, provides for a stable pH-value of your blood.
Total mineralization
CALCIUM 338.80 mg/l
MAGNESIUM 55.60 mg/l
SULPHATE 802.20 mg/l
POTASSIUM 2.10 mg/l
FLUORIDE 1.20 mg/l
SODIUM 4.80 mg/l
CHLORIDE 5.70 mg/l

Mehrner Quelle is available as a six pack of glass bottles only. The packaging in one-way glass bottles ensures the absolute purity of the spring water. After disposal, each bottle is melted down again and newly moulded, which makes it especially germfree, so that the characteristic taste of Mehrner Quelle will not be harmed.