CARMAQUA was founded in Munich in 2016 by Oliver C. Martin and Thomas Hacker. The company markets products of outstanding quality, such as “Mehrner Quelle”, the water with a unique calcium-magnesium-sulphate-hydro-carbonate mineralization formula.

Both founders had the heartfelt wish to create an enterprise dedicated to marketing particular, natural, sustainable and high-quality products only. As a result CARMAQUA came into existence, a company demanding from itself to support and sustainably foster products of the highest quality only which verifiably have positive effects on life and the environment.

The founders of CARMAQUA

Oliver C. Martin

Oliver C. Martin is co-founder and partner of CARMAQUA. He was born in India and has German and Swiss nationality. His love for distant countries in combination with his ever-lasting curiosity for foreign cultures made him go to Zurich where he passed an academic degree in hotel managing.
After 22 years in the hotel industry the idea materialized to try something completely new, to look for new challenges and to found the CARMAQUA together with his friend Thomas Hacker.
Oliver C. Martin is a father of two sons.

Thomas Hacker

Born in Mindelheim in the German Allgäu region, Thomas Hacker is one of the founders and partners of CARMAQUA. His studied Business Administration with focus on financial and investment management qualified him for the position as a branch office manager of the German Association for Private Housing and Real Estate Companies in Munich. Pursuing his career made him move to Berlin and Leipzig, where he was managing director of the housing society.
When he was a little boy Thomas Hacker’s dream was to possess a factory which should produce only products which make sense. This dream has almost come true with the foundation of CARMAQUA in 2016 together with his friend Oliver Martin.
Thomas Hacker is a father of one daughter.